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“The Bitsa Chronicles” Starring Sniper Sully, Paddywhacking Sirpaddy and more!”

“…when your in battle, holding a flank, having a wicked throw down, and you get this epic idea , positive its going to work and your going to look like a hero, even let out a almighty war cry >:O rush in let off a shot miss horrible, let off another one, miss by mile in other direction, and you go from hero to zero, and fail like a chump :(”

“if Toby the tide pod eating condom snorting 75th gender third removed can do it, be a walk in the park for you bro”

“arty >:O”

“I nap so I can play more tanks, I play more tanks so I can make more xp, I make more xp so I can Nap!”

“kickin ass and takin names…”

“Like the Birthday stuff
ah,happy b day man!
lol nah …World O tank [7th bday]…” lmao

“man this clan is so focused… -silence- -crickets-” during free Progetto event… couldn’t get a platoon going for the life of me πŸ™‚

“progetto!! >:O must grind”

“hi im benny
i just completed 5o battles :\
sirpaddys cool
hes my idol”

“i’ve horribly cussed my way into and outta hell in this game… still not banned yet”

“im innocent i say
didnt even killm
but benny has already lol
im blue”

“at least im not driving off cliffs and rolling my tank today…”

“he was playing pin ball with his type 64”

“the tank was running faster then my brain lol”

“why is it that i feel like i keep having great games and yet this exp bar doesn’t seem to change”

” im about to quit πŸ™‚
whats that
the meatball missions
boba bieba πŸ™‚
hubba hubba… stage vi” [can’t take it anymore, these missions, arghhh)

“my boss at work just keep me pushing to try this game” lol

“buddy was bitching whole game, end of it he ask’s where the arty was, so i click opposite corner, he goes there, no arty, i find him blast his ass, he gets pissed , bitchs at me , shoots me, so i give him one back lol”

“love hate mail first thing in the morning”

” must be clan retard when you have uselesss junior officers hiding in back as top tier tank…fucking retards”

“insult a entire clan over one mans actions in one game? sound more british than Scottish my friend, change your name and quit insulting my heritage by acting like a fn whanker, you have a problem with one of my clan members take it up with him, their all big boys, will have no problem talking shit back to you, dont come bitching at me and insult my clan cause your tampon is full and had a bad game”

“Salty_Scotsman: is that what you teach in your clan? you bet brother, i teach every clan member the art of fuck you kung-fu, where salty bitches get a taste of their own medicine, just published a book to called “Salty Bitches get Stitches and left in Ditches” you should check it out, whole chapter on cunts just like you, for a guy with 1700 battles, maybe you should get a few more under your belt before trying to coach other peoples games” priceless!

“just team killed a lorre what a whore
one shoted him πŸ™‚
his name was kevan ,hes in heavan lol
fuck with me >:O
ps he shot first
not even blue
best day since yesterday

“so proud
grow up so quick:(
i remember when you were still a young tanker…
ah the memories
its like my own chat channel :0”

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