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New site – YouTube channel – Prizes announcement – and more!

POSTED BY Sully83 February 14, 2018

Hello BITSA,

We are now just over a year old, and i have never been more proud of our guys in the clan, watching this clan grow from day one to were we are now has been nothing more than epic and amazing to be apart of, been some ups and downs, but the ride has been worth it, and the best is yet to come, kicking off the year with a new web page in the making, Nacho has done a awesome job with it, coming along great, i encourage any clan member that has any idea’s or suggestions to feel free to run it by him, youtube channel is up and in the process of some fine tuning, as well as our discord channel, ill leave links to them all in seperate message, every 30days we will be giving out 30 days of prem time or free tier 6 tank to the top resource earner in detatch battles, as well we hope to jump onto the global map once we reach enough active daily members with tier 10’s available for battle nightly, thanks again to you all for the great times, it has been a blast


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